Merge HoloGlobe

Learn about Earth and its systems using satellite data from NOAA and NASA

Mobile App DesignAR/VR UI Design

Merge EDU is a revolutionary digital learning platform that uses AR/VR and mixed reality to help students learn complex science and STEM concepts. Their interactive teaching aids and simulations create a hands-on and engaging learning experience.

The Merge apps work in conjunction with the merge cube, which transforms into various objects that students can then hold and interact with. Merge also offers VR headsets that provide an even more immersive experience in virtual reality.

HoloGlobe, the latest addition to Merge Platforms, is a hands-on resource for students, educators, and citizen scientists who want to learn more about Earth and its systems using real-time satellite data from NOAA and NASA.

As a science enthusiast, it was an incredible opportunity for me to work with Merge EDU on the mobile and VR interfaces for HoloGlobe.

In addition to my work on HoloGlobe, I also developed a comprehensive design system to unify all of the Merge platforms, creating a unified design language across different platforms.


01. Mobile Screens



02. VR Onboarding



03. VR Main Screen



04. VR Object View